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Ionic Facial Steamer


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Product Description

Your detox session starts now!

The Ionic Facial Steamer is designed to clear pores and enhance blood circulation.

•    Hydration. Nano-sized water molecules create therapeutic steam that hydrates your skin thus making it firmer and significantly smoother. The steam helps detoxify the pores and exfoliate dead skin cells.
•    Ionic Particles. Water molecules get mingled with ionic particles to permeate deeper into the skin. The technique works wonders unclogging the pores! Smaller in size, ionic steam particles penetrate the layers of the skin for a deep, therapeutic massage and nourishing cleansing experience.
•    Steam. The Ionic Facial Steamer creates a powerful puff that penetrates directly into pores.  
•    No Plastic Smell. The Ionic Facial Steamer is equipped with an inner clean system, so the blast of air steaming your face is pure, effective and does not contain any bacteria. Plastic smell may be noticed during the first use but it will soon disappear when the whole system gets activated.
•    Opens Pores. The Ionic Facial Steamer helps open your pores to prepare your face for further cleansing – the tool will help your skin absorb other skincare products!
•    Easy to Use. Say no to long manuals! The Ionic Facial Steamer is provided with only one button: you will not have to waste your precious time trying to find out what to press to turn it on or turn it off.
•    Flexible Cord. Although the item is not powered by batteries, the cord is extremely flexible and will not cause any inconveniences: you can be sure you feel comfortable enough starting your SPA session!  
•    Measuring Cup. The Ionic Facial Steamer is supplied with a measuring cup that will help you discover how long your steaming sessions should be.
•    Adds Moisture. The Ionic Facial Steamer opens pores to allow deeper penetration into the skin cells by moisturizing dry skin and improving its quality by the warm sauna effect.
•    Deep Cleaning. It is advised to steam your skin before exfoliation and further cleansing techniques as open pores are easier to unclog and quicker to absorb skincare products.
•    Treatment. With your pores clear, you'll be more receptive to your other skincare products and treatments, making their effects even more potent and beneficial. Steaming also helps decongest and detoxify the skin, fight bacteria and inflammation, and increase circulation.
•    All Skin Types. As the steam is not armed with abrasive particles, it will not damage even the most delicate skin. Clarifying the complexion, detoxifying, softening your face, the item turns into an irreplaceable and affordable SPA item!

•    Do not steam your face daily: it is recommended to use the steamer 1-2 times a week, in certain occasions, up to 2-3 week, however, it may depend on your skin.
•    Do not add more than 50ml of water.
•    Add only pure water. Must not use essential oils.
•    The distance between the face and the nozzle should be no shorter than 25-30 cm.

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